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do it yourself - adhesive & membrane

Find out which products we know and trust when laying your own Yorkshire Artificial Lawn



Today’s blog post is about the products we trust and use for our installations and what we highly recommend you to use when fitting your own Yorkshire Artificial Lawn.


gekko turfstikk



We are proud suppliers of Gekko Industries Turf Stikk Adhesive and Seam Tape. If your grass is in separate pieces and seams need to be joined you need the best duo for the job! We use and strongly believe in the Gekko Turfstikk products to provide seamless joints.


We wouldn’t use them if we didn’t believe in them!


The adhesive glue is solvent and water free as well as being odourless avoiding any strong smells. Together these products are so powerful and extremely durable!



Geotex weed membrane



The Geotex weed membrane is the finest weed membrane around! Which is why we use it for our installations and also supply it so you can also use it when installing your own artificial lawn!

When you’ve just had an install or just finished laying your own artificial lawn the last thing you want is for annoying weeds popping up! So we highly recommend using the Geotex weed membrane to prevent those pesky weeds, leaving your garden free of soil born weeds and looking fresh and good as new!


We still also recommend you to use a water based weed killer twice a year on your lawn to help prevent any air born weed particles that may fall onto your artificial lawn.  





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