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does artificial grass go flat?

Find out how to avoid your artificial grass going flat

Furniture on artificial grass

If you are considering replacing your lawn with artificial grass then that’s great! It is an easy to maintain option which you and your family can enjoy all year round without the worry of it drying out or getting boggy! An artificial lawn is a big investment, so we think it is important to find out all there is to know about artificial grass before taking the plunge to ensure that it is the right choice for you. We always tell our customers to ask many questions as we can about their lifestyle and uses for their lawn to ensure we advise them which grass type and what the best option is for them, but it is as important for you as a customer to ask us as many questions as possible even if you think they sound silly to make sure we cover all your queries about artificial grass. If one of those questions is ‘does artificial grass go flat?’ then read on to find out!

Which Artificial Grass Do I Choose?

There are many types of artificial grass available in today’s market which continues to expand as artificial grass becomes more and more popular, it is important to make the right choice when choosing a grass type for you and your lifestyle to ensure the longevity of the artificial lawn. If your garden takes on a lot of footfall from children or pets playing on it, garden furniture or play equipment then you will definitely need to choose an artificial grass with a C shaped yarn NOT a flat yarn! The C shaped yarn allows the grass to bounce back up once trodden down, meaning they can take on any amount of garden activity without you having to worry about it going flat. At West Yorkshire Artificial Lawns we have many C shaped yarns amongst our range which are all called Spring Back grasses so if you are buying your grass from us or getting an installation from us it is important to look for the spring back grasses, or inform a member of staff who you speak to and they will point you in the right direction. If you are purchasing grass from elsewhere or receiving various quotations always check what grass is included in the quote as if you think you need a C shaped yarn then it is important to ensure this is included otherwise you will end up with a flat looking lawn that will take a lot of maintaining to keep it up right which isn’t ideal when getting an artificial lawn!

Can you put furniture on artificial grass?

If you are considering putting garden furniture on the artificial grass or a trampoline for the children to play on but are worried about the grass flattening then don’t worry, if down the line you move or remove the furniture and you find that the grass has gone flat in that area then simply pour warm water on the area (NOT BOILING) and use a garden brush or your fingers to brush the grass up, this will make it spring back into action and will look like nothing was ever there!

When considering getting an artificial lawn it is important to understand that artificial grass is LOW maintenance NOT no maintenance! The amount of maintenance required varies for each customer depending on how often they use the lawn and what for. A high traffic area with constant use from pets, children etc will need a regular brush up to keep the garden looking as good as new and to stop the artificial grass from flattening over time, this can be done with a regular hard garden brush or you can ask about our maintenance service where we offer a mechanical brush up service, lasting longer and looking more revived. Always ask about the maintenance and aftercare of the grass type you have chosen to ensure that it is the right choice for you and your lifestyle, but we can assure you that choosing artificial grass will be a lot less maintenance than a real lawn and a lot more relaxing time!

football on artificial grass

How To Brush Up Artificial Grass

If you already have an artificial lawn laid and you have found that areas have flattened then try brushing it up with a garden brush, do not use any metal brush/rakes for the artificial grass. If you have had your artificial lawn laid by West Yorkshire Artificial Lawns then get in touch to find out about our maintenance service to make your lawn look as good as new and last for longer.

To sum up the question of does artificial grass go flat, we hope this article has highlighted the importance of choosing the correct grass for you and your family. Whether you enjoy relaxing in your back garden with a book or for having a kick about with the kids there is a different grass type to suit everybody’s lifestyle, so make sure wherever you are getting your artificial grass from you research the types of grass in their range, and most importantly ask as many questions as you wish!

View Our Range of spring back artificial grasses here! Look out for the ones with a C shaped yarn, they are the perfect grass choice for a busy garden! To get a real feel for our Spring Back grasses why not visit one of our show sites to see them laid giving you a better idea of what they would look like in your garden. Click Here to find out where our show sites are located across Yorkshire.



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