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How To Clean Artificial Grass 


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You have ditched the real turf, intensive mowing and tedious maintenance for a luscious green, all year round artificial lawn and now you are unsure of how you should maintain your artificial lawn? Many customers who get an artificial lawn are not aware that it does require LOW maintenance, not NO maintenance and it is very important to take care of your artificial lawn by following the required maintenance, ensuring your lawn lasts for years to come without any issues. At West Yorkshire Artificial Lawns we offer an annual maintenance service, saving you the hard work by doing it for you! After investing a lot of money into your artificial lawn the last thing you want is to be replacing it a couple of years down the line! Read this article to find out more about our maintenance service or how to take care of your own artificial lawn.

How Often Should You Clean Artificial Grass?

We recommend taking out one of our maintenance packages once a year for standard gardens with normal usage. Our packages carry out a variety of maintenance duties including a deep clean, weed spray out to keep those nasty weeds away, and a mechanical brush up to keep your lawn looking as good as new! If you have pets who use the lawn often and have had K9 Turf installed we would recommend having a maintenance service up to twice a year depending on the usage. This will keep your artificial lawn looking and smelling fresh, eliminating that nasty ammonia odour.


In between your annual maintenance service there are a few small maintenance duties you can carry out yourself to keep your artificial lawn looking fresh. After taking the dog for a muddy walk or the children and they have rolled around on your lovely lawn then don’t worry, you can simply use a hose pipe on a normal setting to wash down your artificial lawn, the water will simply drain away and will leave your lawn sparkling. For a deeper clean you can even add some washing up liquid for an extra squeaky clean!

Yes we have seen the trend of using a vacuum to clean your artificial lawn! This is completely harmless and can work, all we suggest is that you do not use your expensive household vacuum as it may block it up. Instead we would recommend an outdoor vacuum if you find this solution would work best for you.

How often you should clean your artificial lawn depends on how often it is used and who by. If your lawn is used often by the children or by pets then you may want to give it a weekly general clean down to keep it looking nice, there is no need for fancy artificial grass cleaners for general cleaning, you can simply use the hose pipe to give the artificial grass a wash, if there is a problem area that the children have made muddy then simple use warm soapy water to clean the area and then rinse down. Try to avoid using any harsh chemicals, stick to water based products for cleaning artificial grass so you don’t ruin it.

How To Control Weeds And Leaves On Artificial Grass

Artificial grass does require being weed killed to avoid any air born seeds planting on the lawn which will then create weeds. We suggest doing this once every 6 months to prevent this from happening, the prevention is always better than the cure as once the weeds appear it is a case of trying to kill them using weed killer. If your garden is surrounded by trees or woodland you may want to consider carrying this out more often to avoid weeds from appearing. Leaves will not effect your artificial lawn but if you want to keep your lawn looking neat and tidy you can use a standard leaf blower or a soft garden brush to remove them. Avoid using hard garden tools such as metal rakes and heavy duty brushes, these could damage the artificial grass.


How To Clean Pet Waste From Artificial Grass

cleaning artificial grass

 For all the pet lovers out there! It is important to choose a non latex backed grass if you are considering getting artificial grass if you have pets that will use the lawn as a toilet. Our K9 Turf is a highly evolved artificial grass for dogs, with the technology to crystalize moisture and pet waste, killing any harmful bacteria and the strong ammonia smell, then releasing these particles when washed away with water or rain.

K9 Turf does still require cleaning to ensure the longevity of the lawn and to keep it fresh and clean. Our K9 Turf maintenance service is required once a year at a small annual cost in order to keep your artificial lawn looking and smelling as good as new. The maintenance service will include a deep clean using a specialist enzyme cleaner, eliminating harmful bacteria making it safe for all children and pets. We will also use our K9 Turf Zeolite Infill on the lawn which is what crystalizes any moisture, keeping it free from nasty odours.

In between your maintenance service we recommend giving your lawn a weekly rinse down using a standard hose pipe to keep your lawn free from pet waste, especially in warmer months to avoid it from smelling. If you have a latex backed lawn, this will unfortunatel hold moisture which will lead to your lawn becoming ruined due to the strong smell of ammonia, this can only be reduced by approximately 40% with any type of artificial grass cleaner. 


How To Brush Up Artificial Grass

Brushing up your artificial lawn every now and again will keep  it looking as good as new! If any areas appear to have flattened from furniture or a high usage area then a brush up will allow the grass to spring back up to its original shape. Our maintenance service package includes a mechanical brush up which will give the grass that extra lift it needs 6 months down the line. In between your maintenance service you can use a soft bristle garden brush to keep the grass looking fresh and springy.


How Not To Clean Artificial Grass 


We hope this article has answered all your questions regarding how to clean artificial grass. If you are looking for an alternative to real turf then artificial grass is the perfect solution, giving you more valuable time to enjoy spending time in your garden rather than maintaining it!

If you have any further enquiries regarding cleaning your artificial lawn or want some advise on something send an email to and one of our advisors will be in touch. Alternatively you can call our office on 01484 469600 to speak directly with an advisor.


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