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Can i clean my artificial grass?


You have ditched the real turf, intensive mowing and maintenance for a luscious green, all year round artificial lawn and now your unsure of the correct way to clean your artificial grass? Well we are here to answer all your artificial grass cleaning problems and tell you that the answer is YES you can clean your artificial grass!

Many of us aren't sure how to clean artificial grass and some presume artificial grass doesn’t need to be cleaned at all, and although it isn’t half as time consuming as real turf it is LOW maintenance, not NO maintenance and does need to be cleaned and maintained to keep it looking and smelling fresh, because at the end of the day it isn't magic grass.

How Often Should You Clean Artificial Grass?


How often you should clean your artificial lawn depends on how often it is used and who by. If your lawn is used often by the children or by pets then you may want to give it a weekly general clean down to keep it looking nice, there is no need for fancy artificial grass cleaners for general cleaning, you can simply use the hose pipe to give the artificial grass a wash, if there is a problem area that the children have made muddy then simple use warm soapy water to clean the area and then rinse down. Try to avoid using any harsh chemicals, stick to water based products for cleaning artificial grass so you don’t ruin it.

How To Control Weeds And Leaves On Artificial Grass

How To Clean Artificial Grass

If your garden is surrounded by trees or if it regurlary has fallen leaves on it then you should get rid of these as often as you can using a leaf blower or a plastic garden rake/brush. Fallen leaves if not removed can form moss and can also plant air bourne seads which can allow weeds to form which you want to avoid, we recommend weed killing the lawn twice a year or more often if your garden is prone to fallen leaves. Use a water based weed killer and simple spray it across the surface of the lawn. Whoever installed your artificial lawn whether it was you, us or another company, they should always fit a weed membrane fabric underneath the artificial grass to stop weeds from growing up through the ground, but this doesn’t prevent air borne weeds which is why we recommend the twice yearly weed kill.


How To Get Rid Of Pet Odours On Artificial Grass?


If you are a lover of our furry friends then you may be worried about getting artificial grass due to them using it as a toilet, not to worry, artificial grass is completely safe for pets and is easily cleaned. To remove any dog or cat mess simply use a plastic bag or poop-a-scoop, once removed you can simply use warm soapy water to clean the area to get rid of any bacteria. If your pet uses a certain part of the lawn and it is beginning to smell then there are pet odour products for artificial grass, if you would like to know more about these products and which ones to use then please give us a call or send an email so we can advise you on the right one for you.

In warmer months you may want to clean your lawn more often if you do have pets to avoid any unwanted ammonia smells. The cleaning will not ruin your lawn or discolour it as most artificial grasses allow liquid to freely run through. If you are laying artificial grass yourself or outsourcing a landscaper other than ourselves then try to avoid using any form of sand as a base for the artificial grass as if your pets do use the lawn as a toilet the sand will hold moisture creating a build up of ammonia which over time will create some unpleasant smells which we doubt you want!


How To Brush Up Artificial Grass


To keep your artificial grass looking lush and fresh we recommend a monthly brush up for general garden use. If you have access to a mechanical garden brush then that’s great as this is an easier solution to brushing the lawn up, but not to worry if you don’t as using a stiff yard brush in different directions across the lawn will do the same job! Brushing up the lawn will keep it looking as good as new and also prevents any matting of the artificial grass. If your artificial lawn has any high traffic areas where people walk often or children play then you may need to brush up these areas more often to keep the yarns from looking flat.


How Not To Clean Artificial Grass



Artificial grass is a lot easier to maintain than real turf but it is not magic grass so we do stress the importance of taking care of it and following our maintenance and aftercare recommendations.

If you are still not confident about how to clean your artificial lawn or you simply don’t have the time or aren’t able to keep up to the maintenance then you may be interested in our Refresh Your Lawn package. With this package we will send one of our in house installers out to professionally clean your artificial lawn and then give it a mechanical brush up and spray over with an artificial grass deodorant leaving a scent of real grass in your garden, making your artificial lawn look as good as new!

If you are interested in this package then call us on 01484 469600 or send an email to

If you require any further information on cleaning your artificial lawn these do not hesitate to get in touch, we are happy to help!


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