West Yorkshire Artificial Lawns to Supply K9 Turf, Pet Friendly Artificial Grass

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The team at West Yorkshire Artificial Lawns are proud to announce that we are now exclusive suppliers of K9 Turf artificial grass for dogs in Yorkshire. This means that we can offer our client’s one of the UK’s only 100% pet friendly artificial grass products.


Scientifically designed in the US, K9 Turf has been developed specifically for pet owners. Using anti-porous materials and an innovative backing structure, this grass is designed to ensure gardens stay odour and bacteria free.


Why is pet friendly artificial grass FOR DOGS important?


When investing in artificial grass, as a pet owner, it’s important to really understand the product before making a purchase. It’s essential that the artificial grass you choose is right for you and your needs, ensuring that if you have pets you choose a pet friendly grass which suits you.  


You may find some cheaper products on the market that are advertised as pet friendly but be sure to double check these as some of them can’t cope with pet waste. This means that over time, they could become breeding grounds for bacteria, creating harmful environments for pets.


Artificial grass with latex backing are generally not designed specifically for pets but if you are going with a latex backed grass be sure to make sure the grass has drainage holes. Grasses without drainage holes are highly absorbent materials which soak up excess liquids. Therefore, pet urine is absorbed into the backing of the grass and over time, transforms into ammonia. This is where the nasty smells and harmful bacteria comes from; a problem which is difficult to rid of.


K9 Turf, Artificial Grass For Dogs, Artificial Turf, For Pets, West Yorkshire, Yorkshire, Lawns, Artificial Lawns




Unlike some products, K9 Turf artificial grass for dogs has been scientifically designed to repel liquids. Using the latest innovation and technology, a team of scientists in the US developed a form of backing designed to effectively drain pet waste.


Instead of latex, a polyurethane backing has been incorporated to actively repels liquids. Polyurethane is an anti-porous material made from robust polymers which do not disintegrate over time.


To allow for maximum drainage, the development team created an advanced, 4 layer backing system. Now known as ProFlow technology, this innovative design enables liquids to flow freely from the turf without penetrating the backing. This therefore prevents pet waste from soaking into the grass and forming harmful pockets of bacteria.

artificial grass for dogs

What do I need to consider when installing artificial grass as a pet owner?


Laying artificial grass may seem like a simple process but, if you want it to really stand the test of time and remain pet friendly, there are a few things you should consider:




When you have pets, a key element to consider is drainage. Many people make the mistake of installing artificial grass on materials like sand, soil and concrete. As porous substances, pet urine is absorbed and becomes near on impossible to remove. This leads to bad odours, bacteria and often results in gardens being completely replaced.


To avoid this, we use a mixture of crushed rock and grano which are anti-porous materials. They repel liquids, enabling them to drain efficiently. These materials are also far more robust than sand and concrete which displace over time. 


Grass backing:


This is an essential element which dictates as to whether the grass is in fact pet friendly or not. As we mentioned earlier some latex products absorb urine whereas polyurethane alternatives repel liquids. K9 Turf Artificial Grass For Dogs is scientifically designed to allow liquids to drain away and prevent any absorption. 


Grass fitting:


To ensure your furry friends can’t pull up any edges, the way your grass is fitted is another key element to be aware of. Glue and adhesives won’t be enough to keep your grass in place in the long run. Harsh weather conditions and a heavy footfall will reduce the effectiveness and allow your turf to shrink over time.


To keep your lawn firmly in place, we use plastic battens around the perimeter of your garden. The grass is then screwed to the battens providing added reinforcement and ensuring it cannot be pulled away over time. 




Infill is key to ensuring your grass retains that all important natural look. For pet owners, it also acts as an added barrier, preventing pet waste from soaking into the turf. We use K9 Turf Zeolite Infill which contains 100% organic, porous materials. The product works like a magnet, attracting excess liquids and then releasing them in the rain. This process keeps your turf odour and bacteria free. 




Another key element in ensuring your garden remains pet friendly is the cleaner you use. Many people believe that a quick hose down every now and then is sufficient. However, if you want to keep your lawn completely bacteria free, it’s essential that you use an enzyme cleaner.


There are a number of products currently available which claim to clean your lawn organically and effectively. However, many contain artificial fragrances which can actually damage pet respiratory systems.


To avoid this common issue, we use an enzyme cleaner scientifically designed for dogs. K9 Turf Enzyme Cleaner is made using natural enzymes which digest waste and bacteria, allowing it to easily drain away.


The enzyme cleaner penetrates the surface of the grass through to the foundations and breaks down any bacteria. A simple rinse using a hosepipe then ensures the waste drains away leaving the area clean and odour free.


By investing in a cleaner, you’ll ensure that your grass remains bacteria free and pet friendly. It will also help ensure those nasty odours are kept at bay and that your lawn is a place that the whole family can enjoy.


To sum up


When looking for artificial grass as a pet owner, it’s important to consider everything from the materials used to create the turf to the backing and foundations it’s laid on. By taking the necessary measures to ensure your grass is suitable for pets, you’ll be left with a clean, safe environment for your furry friends. 


Want to learn more?


At West Yorkshire Artificial Lawns, we have over 20 years’ industry experience in supplying and installing artificial grass to both commercial and domestic clients. Working across the Yorkshire, we have built an excellent reputation for quality, value and service.


If you’d like to find out more about K9 Turf and how we can create a pet friendly garden for you, we’d be happy to help. Simply call us on 0800 917 4442 or visit our contact page

artificial grass for dogs



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