Stages to installing your own lawn

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stages to installing your own lawn


Are you looking to install your own Yorkshire Artificial Lawn?

Maybe you want to cut costs or maybe you want to just try it out for yourself,

Or you are a landscaper looking for tips on how to lay our grass for your customer?


stage 1.


Clear the garden area and remove the existing turf (If there is one)

Top tip: We use a professional turf cutter making it easier to remove and roll the turf.



stage 2.


Prepare the site with a layer of clean hardcore, this creates a strong drainage base

Top tip: We suggest to use a minimum of 20mm of hardcore




stage 3.


Lay down a 6mm layer of granite dust to cover the base

Top tip: lightly hose down and compact 




stage 4.


Installation of weed membrane to prevent any soil born weeds

Top tip: We suggest the Geotex weed membrane which we also supply




stage 5.


Now for the main part of the show! The installation of the Yorkshire Artificial Grass

Top tips: Use 6 inch galvanised nails to secure the perimeter of the grass about a metre apart

If there are any seems we suggest to use Gekko Turfstikk Seam Tape and Gekko Turfstikk Adhesive which we also supply. These give you the best results in ensuring the seams are invisible





stage 6.


Mechanically brush up the lawn for the best final results making your lawn look springy and lush

If you are unable to get hold of a mechanical brush you can use any hard bristle brush 



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