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what is the best thickness for artificial grass


There are many different types and thicknesses of artificial turf on the market and we understand that when you are choosing one this may become daunting and send you into a panic, questioning whether or not you are choosing the right artificial grass type for its purpose. We hope that this article will give you a bit more insight into the different lengths and thicknesses of artificial grass and why certain ones will and won’t suit your wants and needs.

What Does The Thickness Of Artificial Grass Mean?

The thickness of artificial grass usually means the pile height of the yarn which is what creates the different lengths of each artificial grass type. At Yorkshire Artificial Lawns we have tried to make this process as simple as possible for our customers by naming our grasses just by the pile height of each one making it clear on the length of each grass. The best thickness/length of artificial grass depends on what your artificial grass is going to be used for, who by and how often. All our artificial grass is exactly the same in quality, there is none that are better or worse than the other, they are simply made for different purposes and When purchasing artificial grass or choosing one for an installation it is important to understand the difference between each grass and to learn the purposes for each, this will ensure that you choose the correct artificial grass for you and your family.

Artificial Grass For Domestic Gardens

artificial grass for domestic gardens

If you are laying artificial grass in your home, choosing the correct one depends on a few different factors such as, is your garden used often? Is it played on by children? Is it a decorative area? If your lawn is hardly used or walked on, maybe you have a patio area or path that you use more than the lawn, you can basically choose any type of artificial grass for this purely based on preference. If you prefer a really trimmed looking lawn then you will be better with a shorter yarn either a 25mm or 30mm pile height. If you prefer a fuller looking lawn but still with that freshly cut look then you could go for a mid or longer yarn such as the 35mm, 38mm or 40mm pile height.

If you have young children who when the weather is right will use the lawn often to play on, maybe they will use it to play football on or other sports, you will be better with a shorter yarn so it is easier to maintain and won’t tend to look flat after it has been played on. For this type of lawn activity you also need to make sure you choose a spring back yarn (C shaped yarn) as this technology will make sure that once the lawn has been played on or used often the artificial grass will automatically spring back up without flattening. The only grass in our range which isn’t a spring back yarn is our 38mm Super Soft.

If you are replacing your front lawn with artificial grass purely to avoid the tedious maintenance of an unused lawn then the 38mm Super Soft would be the perfect grass. It’s soft yarn gives it a more realistic, rustic look to create the perfect front lawn for your friends and neighbours to admire.

Artificial Grass For Dogs

artificial grass for dogs

If you have pets then you want to try and steer away from a latex backed grass as they tend to hold moisture which creates a build up of ammonia and harmful bacteria, which after a few years will leave your garden with a strong urine smell which can never completely be removed which is the last thing you want when you have invested a lot of money in creating your dream garden. For pets you want to look for artificial grasses which have a Poly Urethane backing, this is a woven backing that allows moisture to drain through properly and doesn’t hold any urine in the grass.

K9 Turf is our option of artificial grass for dogs and it is 100% pet friendly so it is perfect for gardens used by dogs. There are two types of K9 Turf to choose from in our range, a 30mm pile height and a 40mm pile height meaning you can decide whether you prefer a shorter or longer looking lawn for your garden. These grasses are extremely durable and easy to maintain and clean after your dogs have used the lawn. You will find that getting a K9 Turf installation will be priced higher than a normal artificial grass installation, but if you install a latex grass you will have to replace this after a while due to the strong smell so getting K9 Turf is a much better investment for you and your family. Be sure if you are buying a pet friendly artificial grass form elsewhere that it is 100% pet friendly.

Artificial Grass For Schools and Playgrounds

artificial grass for schools

If you are looking at getting artificial grass installed at a school or playground that has high traffic going through it on a daily basis then you will need a shorter pile height grass and a spring back yarn to ensure that it doesn’t flatten over time. Our specialist school grass is a 25mm or 30mm pile height and are both C shaped yarns, they are easy to maintain and will bounce back up after being used which is perfect for highly used areas. Artificial grass is a great alternative to concrete or real turf for schools as it creates a softer, safer surface for the children to play on. We also have a pro nylon artificial grass which is perfect to create walkways/paths for schools and playgrounds as it has an extremely short, curled over yarn so there will be no chance of it becoming flattened after high usage.


In our artificial grass range the different pile heights does not reflect on the quality of the grass. Our grasses are all high quality grasses each with their own purpose and use. It is important however to ensure when receiving a quotation or buying your own artificial grass that you make sure you are choosing the right grass for your purpose. Give our surveyor or office team as much information as possible about what your lawn is being used for and they will guide you in the right direction to make sure you get the perfect artificial grass. We always recommend that you visit one of our showrooms across Yorkshire to view the grasses laid rather than just on a sample size, this way you can see how they look laid in an outdoor environment to make the decision easier of which one you prefer.

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