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will dog urine ruin artificial grass?

Artificial Grass For Dogs

Will dog urine ruin artificial grass?

As more and more people across the UK convert to artificial grass to eliminate the tedious maintenance of real turf and to obtain a bright lawn all year round, many pet owners are wary and are asking if dog urine will ruin their artificial grass. The only answer to this is making sure the artificial grass you choose is 100% pet friendly! In this article we will explain what to look for when purchasing artificial grass for dogs and why K9 Turf is your No.1 choice for pet friendly artificial grass.

There are many artificial grass choices on the market that claim to be pet friendly but in fact are not completely pet friendly. The main factor of an artificial grass for dogs is the backing, artificial grass with a latex backing is not suitable for a dog friendly garden as this type of backing does now allow moisture to easily flow through, it will hold urine, creating a build up of toxic ammonia which is not only harmful for dogs and children but it will also create a nasty odour that will be impossible to get rid of once it arrives.

Whether you are getting your artificial grass installed by a professional artificial grass company or by an individual landscaper it is extremely important to make them aware that you require a complete pet friendly artificial grass. Always then check with the installers that the grass does not have a latex backing and always ask to see a sample before getting it installed. There are a few factors that you will be able to notice that differentiate latex backed artificial grasses from pet friendly artificial grasses, the first being the drainage holes, latex grasses will have a pattern of holes in the backing to allow moisture to drain through, woven backed grasses do not require these holes as the backing is more open allowing moisture to freely flow through. On a woven backed grass you will also notice that the yarns are more visible whereas latex grasses are more enclosed by a think layer of usually black latex. You can even test the artificial grass by pouring a liquid on to the sample and seeing how well it drains through compared to a latex grass.

Why Not Choose Latex Artificial Grass?

Latex backed artificial grass is only suitable for lawns that aren’t used as a toilet by pets as the backing can hold moisture which creates a build up of ammonia and harmful bacteria. If you choose to have a latex backed grass and your pets use this as a toilet you will find that 6 months down the line your artificial lawn will have a strong smell of urine which is unfortunately unavoidable and can not be removed. Using artificial grass cleaners, even designed for pet urine will only reduce the smell by around 30-40%. Build up of ammonia on your artificial lawn can not only become harmful for your pets but also to yourself and especially young children who use the lawn so it is important to choose the right grass for your lawn.

Artificial grass is a big investment so it is important to make the right choice for you and your family and to ensure that you are not throwing your money down the drain by choosing a cheaper option that will be completely ruined and will need replacing in only a couple of years. It is also important to note that artificial grass is low maintenance not no maintenance and to keep it from becoming ruined you do need to ensure that you keep up with the minimal maintenance required in order to keep your artificial lawn fresh and clean. Using the correct cleaners and infill is crucial in ensuring the longevity of your artificial lawn.

K9 Turf, Artificial Grass For Dogs


At West Yorkshire Artificial lawns we install K9 Turf, one of the only 100% pet friendly artificial grass choices available in the UK. K9 Turf has been designed specifically for dogs, using rapid flow technology this grass has been made to allow pet waste to drain efficiently, preventing the build up of harmful bacteria and nasty odours. Unlike latex products which can hold moisture, K9 Turf is designed to withstand pet waste, using anti-porous materials, the grass repels excess liquids enhancing the drainage. The K9 Turf Zeolite Infill that is used on installations helps to crystalize any moisture, this gets rid of any unwanted odours and keeps the artificial lawn fresh and free of germs.

With our K9 Turf installations we also offer an annual maintenance service where a team comes out to do a deep clean and re infill of your artificial lawn to keep it looking and smelling as good as new. Taking an annual maintenance service out with us can extend your artificial grass warranty up to 15 years! The correct maintenance of your artificial lawn is the most important part of keeping your artificial lawn free from nasty pet odour and safe for all the family.

So if you are debating whether or not to get an artificial lawn due to having a dog/dogs then just be aware of which artificial grass type you are having installed. A latex backed grass is not suitable for dogs and will not withstand to the usage and urine, a Poly Urethane artificial grass with a Pro Flow system is the only 100% suitable artificial grass for dogs.

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