Pet Friendly Artificial Grass

We are now suppliers of the 4 phase system turf designed specifically for dogs

Artificial Grass For Dogs

The UK's number one artificial grass designed specifically for dogs. 

West Yorkshire Artificial Lawns are the official installers of K9 Turf, Britain’s ONLY 100% pet friendly artificial grass! K9 Turf has been designed specially for dogs, with it’s ProFlow Urethane backing it allowing pet waste to flow through freely. Unlike latex backed artificial grass which holds moisture, K9 Turf’s ProFlow system avoids the build up of ammonia and other harmful bacteria, making it safe for all pets and children. We understand that an artificial lawn is a big investment which is why it is extra important if you have pets to ensure you are choosing the right artificial grass for the job and the right installers. We install K9 Turf throughout the Yorkshire region including Leeds, Bradford, Sheffield, Huddersfield, York and many more areas.

artificial grass for dogs artificial grass for dogs

K9 Turf follows a precise 4 phase system which is crucial in ensuring the longevity and effectiveness of your artificial lawn for dogs, this is why it is important to choose a professional installation company like ourselves when it comes to getting K9 Turf installed. The 4 phase system includes creating a suitable under drainage system that will withstand the pet urine and moisture which is highly important when installing an artificial lawn for pets.

Our K9 Turf installations come with a 15 year warranty if the required maintenance service package is adhered to, these packages are an annual cost and should be done once or twice a year depending on usage. Read further down for our maintenance service package information. Once the grass is laid we also use a specialist Zeolite Infill which has been created purely for K9 Turf. The infill acts as a shield, crystalizing the moisture in the dryer seasons, eliminating the nasty odours and harmful bacteria, then releasing it when the rain comes or when it is washed down, freely flowing through the specialist backing.

 Why Choose K9 Turf, Artificial Grass For Dogs

We understand the importance of your investment in a new artificial lawn and our aim is to ensure you make the right choice when choosing which grass to go with as we understand how daunting it may seem with the vast choice that is available on the market, which is why we want to help you make sure you choose the right grass for your wants and needs.



artificial grass for dogs artificial grass for dogs artificial grass for dogs


Our most frequently asked questions are mainly regarding pets and whether getting artificial turf is suitable and our answer is YES! K9 Turf has been specifically designed for pets and pet owners. Using the latest innovation and technology, a team of scientists developed a form of backing designed to effectively drain pet waste, eliminating those unwanted odours which leads to ammonia!


To allow for maximum drainage, the development team created an advanced, 4 layer backing system. Now known as ProFlow technology, this innovative design enables liquids to flow freely from the turf without penetrating the backing. This therefore prevents pet waste from soaking into the grass and forming harmful pockets of bacteria making your garden safe for your pets and children!


Here are the top 5 benefits of having K9 turf installed  
  1. It has a more advanced drainage system allowing liquids to flow through
  2. The grass becomes cleaner and drier than standard artificial grass
  3. The backing and installation process eliminated unwanted pet odours
  4. K9 turf and the installation kills bacteria making it safe for all pets
  5. The grass itself is extremely hardwaring and robust allowing you and your furry friends to enjoy your new lawn for many years to come
 Artificial grass installation Huddersfield, Leeds, Wakefield, Halifax, Barnsley, Sheffield, North Yorkshire, Bradford


Why Choose Us For Your K9 Turf Installation



When you have pets, a key element to consider is the foundations you are laying the grass on top of.  Many people make the mistake of installing artificial grass on materials like sand, soil and concrete. As porous substances, pet urine is absorbed and becomes near on impossible to remove. This leads to bad odours and bacteria.

To avoid this we use a mix of crushed rock and grano to create a robust, anti-porous drainage system which will repel liquids and drain them efficiently.



Another query many of our customers have when it comes to pets and artificial grass is the worry of them pulling the grass up. To ensure our furry friends can’t do this we use 6” galvanised nails around the perimeter to pin the grass down, these will be hidden within the grass so you have no need to worry about your pet digging them out. The pins are also added reinforcement to ensure your grass does not shrink or move with harsh weather or heavy footfall.



Not only do you want your lawn to be pet friendly a key part of getting an artificial lawn is ensuring it stays looking good! The K9 Turf Zeolite infill helps your artificial lawn to retain its natural look. For pet owners it also acts as a barrier, preventing pet waste to soak in with it’s 100% organic porous materials, it acts like a magnet, attracting excess liquids and then releasing them into the rain, this system also helps to prevent odour and bacteria. The infill also cools the surface down on warm days allowing your pet to enjoy the lawn all year round.



Many people assume artificial grass means NO maintenance but it simple means LOW maintenance, and keeping your artificial lawn clean is essential in keeping it looking aesthetically pleasing and to also keep it remaining pet friendly.

It is essential to use an enzyme cleaner as they break down bacteria, we use the K9 Turf Enzyme Cleaner as it is made using natural enzymes which digest waste and bacteria allowing it to easily drain away with a quick hose down after applying.

It will also ensure that your lawn stays fresh and odour free allowing your pets and whole family to enjoy the new lawn.

K9 Turf installations come with a 15 year warranty if our annual maintenance service is taken out with us. This package includes a deep clean with our K9 Turf enzyme cleaner, a mechanical brush up, weed spray out and a re zeolite infill. To find out prices for our maintenance service call the office or send an email, these are priced based on the size of the lawn. 


Installation spec summed up
  • Base Work – Our materials are engineered to ensure a proper under drainage system is produced
  • K9 Turf Proflow Urethane Backing – Featuring 4 different layers improving the turfs drainage capacity by up to 400%
  • K9 Turf Infill – Removed any toxic gasses and cools down the surface
  • K9 Turf Enzyme Cleaner – Eliminates unwanted pet odors and kills any bacteria
K9 turf installation


So when you are looking for artificial grass as a pet owner, it’s important to consider everything from the materials used to create the turf to the backing and foundations it’s laid on. By taking the necessary measures to ensure your grass is suitable for pets, you’ll be left with a clean, safe environment for your pets and children which is why we recommend K9 Turf.


Watch one of our K9 Turf installations below to see how it is done!



If you would like more information on K9 turf and are thinking about getting it installed then give us a call on 01484 469600 and a member of our team will be happy to help you with any queries you may have. You can also call us to book a FREE site survey with one of our qualified surveyors to discuss getting artificial grass installed and to receive a quotation. 

We do offer a range of pet friendly grasses which you may have looked at on our website, we would advise getting in touch or arranging a site survey to discuss which option would be most suited to you.



To book a free site survey with one of our qualified surveyors you can either fill out our Get A Quote form, or simply send an email to with an image of the area you are wanting a quote for a long with your approximate measurements!  For a free sample of the K9 turf, again send an email to the above address with your delivery information and we will get one posted out for you.