Gekko Turfstikk 100 Glue

West Yorkshire Artificial Lawns use the grass from the UK's largest stock of premium quality grasses.


The clue's in the name! The Gekko Turfstikk 100 Glue is the strongest joining glue which is suitbable in all weathers!

This is another example of us only using the best prodcuts for installations! This tried and tested sealant glue is fab  for joining grasses together, and does so extremeley effortlessly- no one would even know!

Combine this fab glue with the Gekko Turf Stikk sealant tape and you have a match made in heaven for invisible joins when installing artificial grass!

This glue is a fast drying glue that gets to work quick and lasts for many years, and don't let the thought of rain put you off as it will resist it!

Finally and one of the best parts is that it is completely odour free!

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Artificial Grass Turfstikk adhesive for installations in West Yorkshire