Making School play areas fun and safe

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Baildon C of E Primary School


Our surveyor’s at West Yorkshire Artificial Lawns worked closely with the staff at Baildon C of E Primary School, ensuring all aspects were covered and that we got everything perfect from the grass section to the wooden benches that we also installed.

This large outdoor area needed brightening up and re vamping, which is why Baildon chose to have artificial grass installed, making it safe and fun for the children to enjoy. It is also extremely easy for the school staff to take care of and will stay looking neat and bright for many years to come!

To add some colour to the area we installed some of our coloured grass in blue to create a splash area, this is perfect for schools as it creates a fun area for the pupils to enjoy on their break times and outdoor learning sessions.

Our installation team at Artificial Grass Bradford worked across a week to get this job finished to a high standard ensuring everything was left in ready to use condition! We are over the moon with the finished result and so are the staff and pupils!

If you are a staff member at a school or nursery and you are looking for an alternative outdoor area surface then get in touch to find out about our artificial grass installations! We also install shock pads for play areas creating a safer surface for children of all ages!

Take a look at the transformation below!


Artificial Grass For Schools, Artificial Grass Bradford

artificial grass bradford, artificial grass for schools 


Artificial grass for schools, artificial grass bradford

artificial grass for schools, artificial grass bradford

artificial grass for schools, artificial grass bradford



Our customers love us!

Satisfied Customer

Isha, Year 6

"At Parkinson Lane School the students enjoy playing on the new cushioned Astroturf. It has helped everyone who has gone on it. Before children would always slip on the muddy grass or cut themselves on the hard surfaces. It has helped children as well as adults to play safely because of its softer surface. Thank you for putting in the Astroturf. My school is very pleased."

Satisfied Customer

Zeeshan, Year 6

"At Parkinson Lane School the Astroturf has brought along a lot of changes. With the real grass children would fall and get muddy, then they would get their clothes dirty. However now with the artificial grass, if they fall they do not get muddy at all. Another change is that the Astroturf has made the number of injuries less, so if a child falls he/she doesn’t fall straight to face solid concrete, but instead they hit a slightly cushioned surface. Also it is more anti slip than real grass. Thank you."

Satisfied Customer

Fatima, Year 5

"The Astroturf makes the playground a safer place to play. When the old tarmac was in the playground it was more dangerous and everyone has benefited from this."

Satisfied Customer

Isha, Year 5

"The Astroturf in our playgrounds has benefited everyone without a doubt. Everyone in the school are very pleased with it. Some of the main reasons include that our school does a lot of sports and we are still able to do them in the rain, as it doesn’t get as slippery and muddy as grass. Another reason is that when children fall over, they are not injured as much as they would have been on a hard surface, as Astroturf is a much safer material. Thank you for putting the Astroturf in our school."

Satisfied Customer

Zohaib, Year 5

"I think that the Astroturf makes the school playgrounds eye catching. It has made the playgrounds safer, consequently the amount of sports injuries have decreased."

Satisfied Customer

Mr Gugsy Ahmed, Parkinson Lane School

"John, just wanted you to know how impressed I am with the work you have done at school. Artificial grass is a fantastic company run by fantastic individuals employing fantastic fitters.

The work you have done at Parkinson Lane School has transformed beyond all recognition our play areas. It has allowed children to practice sports of many different kinds that they may not have been able to do on the tarmac.

The flexibility the pitches allow are influencing positively the teaching of our children whether as individuals, classes or groups. Ultimately this has led to our children winning major school titles in football, cricket and athletics."