Weed Membrame

West Yorkshire Artificial Lawns use the grass from the UK's largest stock of premium quality grasses.


The perfect membrane to go under your lawns to stop weeds from making an appearance

There is nothing worse than having an artificial lawn installed, for it then to be ruined by weeds coming through from underneath!

This is why we use a Weed Control Fabric for our installations, known as weed membrane to prevent this from happening, ensuring that your new lawn is kept weed free

We do also recommend that you use a water based weed killer twice a year on top of your artificial lawn to prevent any air born weeds that may have fallen onto your lawn.

We also supply the weed membrane so if you are installing your own lawn you can purchase this from our ecom site below

Call us on 01484 469600 if you need more information regarding weeds on your artificial lawn

Weed Membrane for artificial lawns, for installation and supply in Leeds, Huddersfield, Batley, Wakefield, Halifax