K9 Installation

John, Managing Director of K9 Turf, talks you through the installation of K9 artificial grass. This video explains our advanced 4 Phase Installation system which you can read more about here.

We start with the removal of prior turf to create a level plain, preparing the area for the K9 Turf to be installed.

Then, a 20mm crush and run stone base is evenly spread and consolidated so we can move onto the next step which is placing the granite.

This is a 6mm dust to stone granite which is the best material you can use for the base of an artificial grass installation as it compacts firmly.

The next step is to use our steel core retaining edging which again is the best material for edging unlike wooden edging as this can rot when drenched in pet urine. This steel edging gives the artificial lawn a clean, neat finish. It can also be used to create complex shapes within the lawn should you want to allocate space for flowerbeds and plants.

Now it’s time to roll out the K9 Turf and seam any joins together piece by piece to create a professional finish.  These seams are cut on both sides going three threads back as this allows enough space for the blades of grass to create a natural look. The perfect join is created using specialist artificial grass glue and adhesive tape. The grass is then pinned in several places to strengthen the joins and prevent the artificial grass from parting. Now the edges of the grass can be trimmed and cut to the shape of your garden and then firmly bolstered in place using six inch galvanized nails to ensure a secure finish.

Lastly, the Zeolite Infill is mechanically brushed evenly across the entire surface of the artificial lawn allowing it to fall into the bed of the yarn. The infill is used to crystallise pet urine when your dog uses the lawn as a restroom, ridding it of any ammonia and harmful bacteria so you avoid any unpleasant smells. The K9 artificial grass then has to be hosed down to disperse the Zeolite Infill into the bed of the lawn.