We install artificial grass throughout Yorkshire and will also travel far and wide for customers who are looking for a high-quality artificial lawn installation! Our wide range of European made artificial grass is on display across many display sites throughout Yorkshire, you can find out where by clicking HERE! Seeing our grasses laid is a great way to get a real feel for them and seeing them in real life, making the decision much easier when it comes to choosing a grass that is right for you and your home.

We are your No.1 artificial grass installers in Yorkshire and we look forward to hearing from you when you are ready to take the plunge and transform your lawn with artificial grass! We understand that artificial grass is a big investment which is why we help guide our customers through the entire process, making it as simple and efficient as possible to help you to achieve your dream garden.

Take a look at some of our fantastic installations below for some real inspiration. Or if you have already had your lawn done with us see if you can spot your artificial lawn installation!

Artificial Grass Leeds – This customer chose our 25mm Super Spring, this is the shortest grass in our range but is by no means the lowest quality! This grass is ideal for high traffic areas which is why the customer chose it for his back garden where his children enjoy playing on the lawn.

Artificial Grass Leeds – Artificial grass is a great solution for front garden areas due to the low maintenance required. Lets face it no one wants to be spending valuable time maintaining their front lawn. This is our luxurious 40mm Super Spring which looks great in all types of garden.

Artificial Grass Huddersfield – This customer had just had this stunning home built and wanted to create a low maintenance, contemporary garden to match. Our 30mm Super Spring looks fantastic outside this house, its short yarn makes it easy to maintain and gives it that freshly mowed look.

K9 Turf Gommersal – Our 40mm Super Spring looks fantastic in this large garden! this grass is extremely dense creating a fuller looking lawn but still with that freshly mowed look. Large gardens benefit the most from artificial grass due to the low maintenance required throughout the year!

K9 Turf Leeds – This family had recently renovated their home and wanted a stunning garden to match which is what we have created for them! As they had a dog the only grass we recommend is the K9 Turf, the artificial grass designed specifically for dogs. Unlike latex backed grass, K9 Turf speeds up the flow of moisture due to the ProFlow Urethane backing.

Artificial Grass Keighley – Another pub that had our 30mm Super Spring installed in their beer garden is the Royal Oak in Keighley. Artificial grass is a great, low maintenance and durable option for busy outdoor areas. It also looks great all year round whatever the weather.

K9 Turf Penistone – As you can see in the before picture, this family were struggling with their real turf due to their dog digging in the garden. It had become very patchy and they couldn’t find a solution. K9 Turf is designed for the high usage of dogs, it is extremely durable meaning dogs cannot dig the lawn up, leaving it looking neat and bright all year round!

Artificial Grass Huddersfield – Mr & Mrs Willoughby wanted to brighten up their garden but didn’t want the high maintenance that came with real turn, which is why they chose artificial grass. They preferred a shorter looking lawn so chose our 30mm Super Spring, creating a neat, freshly mowed looking lawn without the tedious mowing!

Artificial Grass Mirfield – This customer chose our popular 35mm Super Spring for their front and back garden transformation! Artificial grass is a great alternative to real turf to avoid patchiness and dis colouration. It is low maintenance and stays bright all year round!

Artificial Grass Huddersfield – Mr & Mrs Child wanted to transform their garden with artificial grass, creating a low maintenance area that the children can enjoy all year round without worrying about mud. Our 35mm Super Spring is great for all garden types and looks extremely natural!

Artificial Grass Headingley – Artificial grass is a great solution for large outdoor public areas, it is extremely durable and easy to maintain which is why The Original Oak pub in Headingley chose artificial grass for their large beer garden! This was our 30mm Super Spring grass which is perfect for high traffic areas.

Artificial Grass Dewsbury – Our 38mm Super Soft is great for transforming a front garden! The soft, wispy yarns create a natural looking lawn that is ideal for low usage areas like the front garden. This customer chose the darker shade which looks great from all angles.

K9 Turf Yorkshire – If you want an all year round lawn that is completely pet friendly then K9 Turf is the only grass suitable for you. This family and their dog now have an all year round, low maintenance lawn that won’t become ruined by nasty odours!

Artificial Grass Wakefield – Artificial grass looks great on large scale areas, it creates a really well maintained lawn without the tedious work! It also stays bright all year round and will not get ruined with the change of weather. This customer chose the 35mm Super Spring which is an extremely natural looking artificial grass with the super spring technology.

K9 Turf Yorkshire – This customer got in touch with us as their existing artificial grass that they later found out was not pet friendly, had become rotten and was producing a strong, nasty odour. Their lawn had become unusable due to this all because they chose a grass that was advertised as pet friendly when it wasn’t. K9 Turf has been designed specifically for dogs and is 100% pet friendly!

Artificial Grass Shrewsbury – Our team travelled beyond Yorkshire for this installation in Shrewsbury! This customer was tired of maintaining his lawn and wanted an alternative that would stay bright all year round and required little maintenance. Our 38mm Super Soft in light really has brightened up this customers garden.

Artificial Grass Dewsbury – Artificial grass can be used to cover up many types of surfaces including decking. This customer wanted to brighten up their garden but didn’t want to go through the hassle of removing the decking. They chose the 30mm Super Spring to create a neat, well maintained looking lawn that will stay bright all year round.

Artificial Grass Leeds – This customer chose our two toned striped grass. This grass is a show stopper and creates the most luxurious looking lawn! This grass is a 40mm Super Spring making it ideal for high usage as it will not flatten.

K9 Turf Leeds – Our K9 Turf installations are designed specifically to withstand to pet waste, leaving you with a long lasting, pet friendly artificial lawn. This customer was tired of their dog digging up and ruining their lawn which is why they opted for K9 Turf. They now have a safe artificial lawn that will stay looking like this all year round.

Artificial Grass Dewsbury – Our 30mm Super Spring is the ideal grass for creating a well maintained, mowed looking lawn without the hard work. Its super spring technology makes the lawn hard wearing and ready for any amount of activity without the risk of it flattening.

Artificial Grass Leeds – This customer chose the 35mm Super Spring grass, teamed up with our Pro Nylon Golf Grass to create a unique, fun outdoor area that they could practice their golfing on! 35mm is the most popular grass in our range due to it’s versatility and natural aesthetic.

Artificial Grass Leeds – This customer chose the 38mm Super Soft grass in the light shade, brightening up the entire garden and creating a low maintenance lawn that can be used all year round whatever the weather!

Artificial Grass Bridlington – This customer wanted to create a statement at their holiday home on the East Coast. Our 40mm striped grass is the most luxurious grass in our range. If you want your lawn to stand out then our striped grass is the perfect choice.

Artificial Grass Harrogate – We don’t just install artificial grass! This project including an artificial lawn, climbing frame installation and patio area! We can quote for all landscaping works as well as artificial grass. This customer chose the 40mm Super Spring for their installation.

Artificial Grass South Yorkshire – Bretton Dog Kennels – Before & After

Artificial Grass Brighouse - Mr Bretton

Artificial Grass Brighouse – Mr & Mrs Brown – After

Artificial Grass Huddersfield – Mr Clements – Before & After

Artificial Grass Huddersfield - Mr Lake

Artificial Grass Huddersfield – Mr Lake – After

Artificial Grass Leeds – Mr Mullen – Before & After

Artificial Grass Leeds – Mr Robinson – Before & After

Artificial Grass - Huddersfield University

Artificial Grass – Huddersfield University – After

Artificial Grass Batley – Mr and Mrs France – Before & After

Artificial Grass Mirfield - Mr Townend

Artificial Grass Mirfield – Mr Townend – After

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